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Instant deployment


Connected to AWS

Our strong partnership between AWS and SAP together with our know-how has made possible the development of innovations that bring the best of AWS to SAP and turn it into a faster, scalable & connected solution.

SAP Pre-installed Systems

Deploy SAP Systems instantly with our AMI’s available at the AWS Marketplace.

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Elastic SAP

Adapt your SAP infrastructure footprint to the real demand of your business.

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AWS Connector for SAP

Unleash the full portfolio of AWS services for your business data stored on SAP.

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Looking for a global cloud solution for your SAP system?

The answer is Linke Cloud for SAP, a fully managed service that embraces our tools & technology, AWS infrastructure integration and SAP Basis to bring you the scalability, automation and technical support that your SAP needs to transform your business.

Linke Simple Cloud for SAP

Enabling full integration between SAP and AWS Cloud

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