We have achieved the AWS Non-Profit distinction! A competency that recognizes our support to help non profit organizations achieve their goals in the cloud.

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Our technology products and consultancy services improve the adoption, deployment and management solutions on the cloud


We harness the power of the cloud for SAP systems through Integration with Cloud Services, Infrastructure Automation and Compliance. Discover how

Technology Innovation

Our technology products take SAP systems to higher grounds making them run faster and efficient on AWS cloud environment. Our products

DevOps on AWS

Our service provider on AWS integrates the latest technological trends such as DevOps and Serverless models to build a better solution to your business. More

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Our commitment is clear: helping our clients adopting the advantages of the cloud with our own technology.

“We were lucky to find a partner that could support us in our move to the cloud and give us one-to-one service. Linke helped us to understand the AWS environment and use its SAP and AWS expertise to ensure we got up and running quickly.”XAVI SALLÉS, WANUP´S CHIEF TECHNOLOGY PARTNER

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  • Methods and habits of the new DevOps elite, according to DORA (II) 09/21/2018
    In our last blogpost,  we were talking about the latest 2018 Accelerate State of DevOps Report  and  highlighting the best practices of successful DevOps teams. Keep on reading to know the main findings of the report.
  • Methods and habits of the new DevOps elite, according to DORA (I) 09/19/2018
    Unless you’re a newcomer to the software delivery industries, you should be familiar with DevOps Research and Assessment – also known simply as DORA. This company has been growing a solid reputation, since their reports provide a very useful and informative baseline regarding development operations. 
  • Why DevOps is easier on a cloud environment 09/17/2018
    Much has been said about what is DevOps and how it works, such as defining it as a set of tools and techniques to manage IT infrastructure.
  • Getting to know SAP Cloud Platform Integration 09/13/2018
    In this days exists the need to connect our ERP with multitude of systems, either because one of our customers send us orders in a custom format through FTP, a logistic operator facilitate a RECADV file attached to an email confirming  what is going to be delivered, a warehouse controlling system that we connect directly […]