We have achieved the AWS Non-Profit distinction! A competency that recognizes our support to help non profit organizations achieve their goals in the cloud.

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Our technology products and consultancy services improve the adoption, deployment and management solutions on the cloud


We harness the power of the cloud for SAP systems through Integration with Cloud Services, Infrastructure Automation and Compliance. Discover how

Technology Innovation

Our technology products take SAP systems to higher grounds making them run faster and efficient on AWS cloud environment. Our products

DevOps on AWS

Our service provider on AWS integrates the latest technological trends such as DevOps and Serverless models to build a better solution to your business. More

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Our commitment is clear: helping our clients adopting the advantages of the cloud with our own technology.

“We were lucky to find a partner that could support us in our move to the cloud and give us one-to-one service. Linke helped us to understand the AWS environment and use its SAP and AWS expertise to ensure we got up and running quickly.”XAVI SALLÉS, WANUP´S CHIEF TECHNOLOGY PARTNER

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  • Top 5 Myths about SAP HANA: Debunked 10/15/2018
    SAP HANA is an application that's designed to use in-memory database technology to allow the processing of high volumes of data in a short time. This flexible application helps you reduce data redundancy, increase innovation, decrease data management costs, all of which achieves better business outcomes.
  • The Future of IoT Managed Services Market 10/11/2018
    There has been a global rise in the rate of adoption of smart technologies in different industries leading to the demand for IoT technologies. Most businesses are adopting smart technologies in order to reduce operational costs, improve customer satisfaction and increase the return on investment.
  • Keep your personalised marketing from being disturbing 10/09/2018
    Customers’ buying experienced has evolved into a data-driven relationship for businesses. For that reason, most organisations are today dependent on machine learning, advanced analytics and IoT to impact customer experience and drive business success. With the fierce competition going on, companies are bound to keep seeking innovative ways to engage their customers.
  • What's Amazon Polly? Easy to Integrate Text to Speech For Your Applications 10/05/2018
    Amazon Polly can be used to convert text in to speech. It is part of the Amazon Web Services (AWS) cloud platform and can be used to create speech-enabled applications. With over 20 languages available in over 40 unique voices, it uses the latest text-to-speech technology to produce lifelike speech which users can customise in […]