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Our technology products and consultancy services improve the adoption, deployment and management solutions on the cloud


We harness the power of the cloud for SAP systems through Integration with Cloud Services, Infrastructure Automation and Compliance. Discover how

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Our technology products take SAP systems to higher grounds making them run faster and efficient on AWS cloud environment. Our products

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Our service provider on AWS integrates the latest technological trends such as DevOps and Serverless models to build a better solution to your business. More

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Our commitment is clear: helping our clients adopting the advantages of the cloud with our own technology.

“We were lucky to find a partner that could support us in our move to the cloud and give us one-to-one service. Linke helped us to understand the AWS environment and use its SAP and AWS expertise to ensure we got up and running quickly.”XAVI SALLÉS, WANUP´S CHIEF TECHNOLOGY PARTNER

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  • Why You Should Update Chef-Client On AWS Opsworks For Chef Automate Nodes 06/20/2018
    For smooth communication between the Chef server and chef-client, there is a need for the agent software to access the client’s node public key. It is possible to create a pair of a public-private key in Amazon EC2. The public key is then passed to the AWS OpsWorks API call using the node name. It […]
  • What are Amazon Machine Images (AMI)? 06/18/2018
    An Amazon Machine Image is a packaged environment containing a software configuration and other parts required to set up an instance.
  • Gartner says SAP has both vision and capability 06/14/2018
    The analyst firm Gartner keeps a close eye on trends in the IT-related industries, and analyses them using its proprietary toolset to extract key business intelligence. Periodically, it publishes an independent “Magic Quadrant” report which focuses on a particular sector, and identifies certain companies as visionary in their approach. 
  • How does IoT and AI interact? 06/12/2018
    The rate of internet connectivity increases tremendously every year and so does the number of devices connected. As estimated, by 2020, there will be about 31 billion devices connected through the internet. It is the internet that facilitates harmonious cooperation among the connected devices. However, there is still more needed than just the internet.