Harness the power of the Cloud for SAP

The most enduring and transformative companies rely on our technology and services to be more agile, more innovative and more cost effective.

We SAP on Amazon Web Services

We created a vehicle to accelerate what the best of the cloud can bring to your company. This unique vehicle means you don’t just migrate to the Cloud, you become integrated with the infinite possibilities of the Cloud. You become faster, more innovative in an easy and more cost effective way.

Our promise

Be part of the Cloud through Integration with Cloud Services, Infrastructure Automation and Compliance

SAP Deployment Acceleration
SAP Infrastructure Compliance Fulfilment
SAP Infrastructure Costs Savings
SAP Operations Savings

Our Technology

Delivered through the AWS Marketplace by our subsidiary in the US Market, RocketSteam LLC, our Technology takes SAP systems to higher grounds.

Instantly Run SAP on AWS

Accelerate SAP Deployments

Use what that you need at any time

SAP Ready Systems

SAP Business Suite fresh installs ready to be deployed in 3 clicks! Get Ready!

SAP Formation

Automated deployment of SAP Business Suite landscapes on AWS Start Building!

Elastic SAP

Autoscaling of SAP Netweaver Application Servers on AWS Try it out!

Simple Storage Service for SAP

S3 for SAP is an ABAP AddOn that enables native integration from ABAP based SAP Systems to AWS S3. You will be able to manage buckets, folders and files on AWS S3 from SAP.

Community Edition



  • Available on GitHub

  • Reserved SAP Namespace

  • Delivered as a SAP Transport

  • Community Support
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